End of Life Doula

Being born means we are terminal. Sad but true, we are born to die.

There are two styles of death
Fast Death - this is sudden and unexpected
Slow Death - whether through old age or illness, this is the style that most will experience.

End of Life Doulas (yes me) want you to experience a good death. A good death that empowers you.

If you have a terminal diagnosis of years, months, weeks or days - it is my aim to ensure that you fulfill your desire to live every day the best way you can.

This includes, catching up with those you want to, ticking items off your bucket list even planning your funeral. We chat about getting your affairs in order and discuss your final wishes.

Do any of us expect to die? The answer is "NO" however, when we know death is approaching it is the opportunity to accept mortality and complete what is needed.